Apr 21 2014

RaynMan: Whatever the Hell This Is!

They’rrrrreee Baaaaccckkk! Those wacky guys, Bill and Frank (and Brant) are here with a brand new episode of RaynMan!

(This episode recorded before Episode #265 of Zone 4)

The guys talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier to kick off the show.

Gem City Comic Con: The guys recap the events of their favorite comic convention.

The Octagon: It’s a random segment of the fun game where the guys pick from two choices with no descriptions.

Octagon Extra: The guys each pick their Top 5 Amazing Spider-Man artists.

And finally, they wrap it up with the extended version of the DC Think Tank skit heard on Zone 4 #264!

Oct 23 2012

RaynMan Power Hour #72: The End for Now…


A very special announcement about the status of the show opens the episode.

Comic Book Headlines: Stan Lee Media sues Disney, Arrow and more.

What We’re Reading Now: From Hell, Uncanny Avengers, Image titles and more.

The Octagon: Secret Themes

Quote to End

Oct 15 2012

RaynMan Power Hour #71: LIVE from Star Con III!

It’s another LIVE RaynMan Power Hour!

This episode was recorded LIVE at Star Con III, the Third-Year Anniversary of Twilight Star Studios in front of a LIVE audience!

Instead of giving you the usual rundown of the segments, here’s a link to the video by Underground Video Network (UVN) you can watch if you like. Enjoy!

(Left to Right, Frank Raynor, Richard Katterjohn and Brian Latimer at Five Guys, Burger and Fries after Star Con III)

Oct 01 2012

RaynMan – Episode #69: The Number Says it All

Introduction by the returning Frank Raynor as he gives the hosts porn names…

Mail Time: Who’s seen Dredd and more.

Comic Book Headlines: Stan Lee’s health, Agent Coulson comic, Avengers DVD, no to George R.R. Martin Dr. Strange and more.

Comic Celebrity Death Match Recaps: Frank judges the past two death matches.

What We’re Reading Now: More Thor, DC #0 issues, War of Kings and more.

The Octagon: Can you figure out the theme?

Comic Celebrity Death Match: Get out your big-boy pants, it’s getting messy.

Sponsors: Star Con III and Packrat Comics

Sep 17 2012

RaynMan Power Hour#70: Where’s Episode #69?!

Gaming it Up… and Hey! We Skipped an Episode!

Mail Time: More mail from our listeners, what do they ask this time?

Comic Book Headlines: Joss Whedon on Avengers, Death of Professor X, Simon Pryce returns and more.

News from the ‘Field: Updates on Twilight Star, Star Con and more.

What We’re Reading Now: More Thor, more Hypernaturals and others.

Alphabet City: The new game returns!

The Dating Game: Yep, another new game on RaynMan!

Jumping Off Points: The guys discuss books they stopped reading and why.

Comic Celebrity Death Match: Ongoing Series for characters who never had one.

Quote of the Week: This time it’s Brant’s turn.

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