Apr 16 2012

What I’m Reading Now

One of the MANY highlights of the Gem City Comic Con 2012 show recently in Dayton Ohio was that I finally got a chance to pick up issue #7 of Lackluster World written and illustrated by creator Eric Adams.

(for those of you paying attention that’s an image of issue #1 …not #7)

Been wanting to pick this up for a while…Lackluster World is one of the finest comic tales out there…indie or mainstream…and issue #7 wraps up this award winning limited series.  (Champion City Award 2010-Best Limited Series)

When I did pick up issue #7 Eric suggested I re-read all the previous issues before reading issue #7…and I said I would after I finished re-reading  the critically acclaimed Wein/Wrightson run  of Swamp-Thing (issues #1-10…everybody should re-read this classic run once every three years or so….even though Man-Thing is better)…anyway just finished that and now I’m reading Lackluster World from issue #1, currently on issue #4.

And I’m very glad Eric convinced me to do so…there was a lot I had forgotten, and a lot I missed the first time through. Without a doubt the series is EVEN MORE BETTER the second time through. Can’t wait to see how this story concludes.

So if you own this and have only read once so far…




If it don’t own it yet….BUY IT!!!!!

If you don’t I’m coming to your neighborhood and painting  body outlines in white  paint all the way up and down your street!!!!!

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  1. Eric Adams

    A privilege to be honored so highly by one of such great taste. I look forward to your final reaction.

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