Feb 26 2012

Kiss Solo Tribute Concludes

I can’t believe all the different things Frank, Brant, and I have come up with since we have been doing this show! A live show!!! We had our show hi-jacked and taken over by another indie comic creator. M.O.D.O.K!!! We killed each other off! Got lost in Limbo. Had a wrestling match with Rob Leifield!!!

Got canceled
Got picked up by another web-site!!!
Got re-picked up by the same site that canceled us in the first place!!!!

and Re-Loaded!!!!

And had two year’s worth of nominations to the RAYNMAN POWER HOUR HALL OF FAME!!!!

Currently we will be concluding our take on the KISS SOLO ALBUMS. We did an ALL BILL SHOW and a ALL FRANK SHOW….we record the ALL BRANT SHOW tomorrow night.

I thought I had a REALLY good show, but I got to admit Frank surprised the crap out of me with his show…it was awesome (although his choices of music sucked for air)

Can’t wait to see what THE GOOSE has up his sleeve! Or in Brant’s case what he has in his pajamas……wait a minute…..

I think the sleeve thing sounded better.

RaynMan kicking down your door and jumping on your sofa every other Monday!!!

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