Feb 20 2012

RaynMan Power Hour – Episode #54: The Frank Show


Frank planned this episode all on his own.

Mail Time: Favorite period in comics, Chronicle, writing Marvel or DC’s next big story and much more.

Comic Book Headlines: Movie trailers, New 52, Moore suing Kirkman, Whitney Houston’s death and more.

News from the ‘Field: Kevin Adkins stops by to talk about Twilight Star and his upcoming projects.

Best of (Golden Age of Comic Movies) and Worst of…: Have we reached the Golden Age of Comic Films?

Comic Celebrity Death Match: Who’s better equiped to save the world?






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  1. Daniela

    Good job, couple of ipnots:1. I always assumed that was Hirohito on the cover of Batman #18, but it’s far more likely it was Tojo.2. Riddler had two appearances in the GA.3. Killer Moth had three.4. I have always assumed that DC reached some sort of agreement with the CCA on the villains. Basically Batman and Superman got to keep one of their major villains. The only time any other prior recurring villain other than those two appeared between the establishment of the CCA was the Penguin story in Batman #99.5. Batman did not go monthly until well after the Silver Age. He did go to 8 times a year in the mid-50s, which I assume that you have read.6. There were terrific and famous stories in the Sunday Strips, including the Penguin story where his name was first given as Oswald Cobblepot. Some of these were reprinted in the Batman Annuals around 1965-69. The Sunday strip book is excellent although the binding on mine was pretty crappy.

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