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May 18 2012

What Do YOU Want?

So, RaynMan is about to go through some growing pains and, at the very least, some temporary changes. Don’t get scared, we’re not changing the format or anything like that, but there will be a big change that’s going to affect things for a while.

We’ll be discussing this change on the next episode, which goes live on Monday, May 28th. Until then, sorry, I’m going to be vague about it.

At any rate, even if there were no changes, I’m really curious about which segments you all like on the show, and if you have suggestions for others? There are certain things we will probably never scrap, except when we do special stuff like the Negative Zone bit and all that. Stuff like Mail Time, Comic Celebrity Death Match and Comic Book Headlines will remain a part of the show indefinitely. The Octagon seems a favorite as well, so it’ll probably be a part of every show.

However, if you’ve listened for any length of time, you know that we’ve changed up some of the other segments from time to time. Here’s a list of the ones I can remember:

What We’re Reading Now (and all its variations – What We’re NOT Reading Now, etc.)

Time Tunnel (Cash Cab) – usually when we have a guest interview

Inside the Four Color World – our previous interview segment

Best of and the Worst of

News from the ‘Field (Twilight Star updates)

Comics That Don’t Suck (and all its variations – Comic Movies (Shops, Conventions) that Don’t Suck, etc.)

Most Wanted

So, what do you like, what don’t you like, and do you have suggestions for other segments we could do? We’re all ears and would love to get some feedback. Post here, on our Facebook page, or email us to let us know!


Apr 17 2012

RaynMan To Record 2nd Live Video


The SECOND live video recording of The RaynMan Power Hour takes place Saturday April 28th!!!!

Immediately after the Twilight Star book signing at the Bookery Fantasy in Fairborn Ohio featuring Frank and myself…..we will be recording a live episode of RaynMan…just like we did at Champion City last year…to later air on our sister site. Underground Video Network!!!!

16 West Main Street Fairborn, OH 45324
(937) 879-1408

Twilight Star Book Signing
1:00-5:00 p.m
RaynMan podcast….recorded live and on video after 5:00
And remember-this is RAYNMAN…..not Geek Street….audience partipation is PG-13
Audio from the show will later be posted on the Comic Related website as a regular episode of the show.

Apr 16 2012

What I’m Reading Now

One of the MANY highlights of the Gem City Comic Con 2012 show recently in Dayton Ohio was that I finally got a chance to pick up issue #7 of Lackluster World written and illustrated by creator Eric Adams.

(for those of you paying attention that’s an image of issue #1 …not #7)

Been wanting to pick this up for a while…Lackluster World is one of the finest comic tales out there…indie or mainstream…and issue #7 wraps up this award winning limited series.  (Champion City Award 2010-Best Limited Series)

When I did pick up issue #7 Eric suggested I re-read all the previous issues before reading issue #7…and I said I would after I finished re-reading  the critically acclaimed Wein/Wrightson run  of Swamp-Thing (issues #1-10…everybody should re-read this classic run once every three years or so….even though Man-Thing is better)…anyway just finished that and now I’m reading Lackluster World from issue #1, currently on issue #4.

And I’m very glad Eric convinced me to do so…there was a lot I had forgotten, and a lot I missed the first time through. Without a doubt the series is EVEN MORE BETTER the second time through. Can’t wait to see how this story concludes.

So if you own this and have only read once so far…




If it don’t own it yet….BUY IT!!!!!

If you don’t I’m coming to your neighborhood and painting  body outlines in white  paint all the way up and down your street!!!!!

Feb 26 2012

Kiss Solo Tribute Concludes

I can’t believe all the different things Frank, Brant, and I have come up with since we have been doing this show! A live show!!! We had our show hi-jacked and taken over by another indie comic creator. M.O.D.O.K!!! We killed each other off! Got lost in Limbo. Had a wrestling match with Rob Leifield!!!

Got canceled
Got picked up by another web-site!!!
Got re-picked up by the same site that canceled us in the first place!!!!

and Re-Loaded!!!!

And had two year’s worth of nominations to the RAYNMAN POWER HOUR HALL OF FAME!!!!

Currently we will be concluding our take on the KISS SOLO ALBUMS. We did an ALL BILL SHOW and a ALL FRANK SHOW….we record the ALL BRANT SHOW tomorrow night.

I thought I had a REALLY good show, but I got to admit Frank surprised the crap out of me with his show…it was awesome (although his choices of music sucked for air)

Can’t wait to see what THE GOOSE has up his sleeve! Or in Brant’s case what he has in his pajamas……wait a minute…..

I think the sleeve thing sounded better.

RaynMan kicking down your door and jumping on your sofa every other Monday!!!

Feb 01 2012

RaynMan # 53-Monday Feb. 6th!

I found myself  planning the 53rd episode of RaynMan by myself with no help from Frank or Brant. The first time this has ever happened in going on three years now.

So when you tune into the show next Monday night you will be hearing the very first all G-MAN episode of the show….EVER!!!!! Frank and Brant is still there but the skeleton of the show was put to together by just one guy……….ME!!!!

This experience started something….episode #54 will be put together entirely by Frank with no help from Brant and I (God help us all) and episode # 55 will be 100% Gonzogoose!

What can you look forward to this coming episode, Monday Feb. 6th???

Well….how about

KISS, Steve Tyler, The Super Bowl, Zone 4 # 150, Gordon Dymoski, Cary Kelley, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Edward, Jacob, Dolly Parton, Thanos, Kate Beckinsale’s underwear, Dan Con, Gem City Con, Geek Street #5, A WHOLE BUNCH OF TWILIGHT STAR including STAR CON III, Megadeth vs. Metallica, Daredevil, and Halle Berry….topless.

And some other stuff.

Tune in…you’ll be glad you did!

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