RaynMan specials not in our regular show history.


Raynman – Bill & Brant’s Excellent Halloween Adventure


RaynMan returns from its hiatus, and to Comic Related with a Halloween Special by Bill and Brant!

What’s Going On?: The guys talk about developments in RaynMan, including their other home, UVN.

Scary News: The Scream Awards, Paranormal Activity 3 and more.

Halloween in the ‘Field: Timely news from Twilight Star Studios.

Favorite Halloween Comics: Comics that had that supernatural element to them that we enjoyed.

Comic Book Films with a Halloween Theme: You’d be surprised how many there are, and we rank them for you!

Spooky Music Thoughts: Black Sabbath and Kiss news.

RaynMan: The Ultimate Podcast debuts in two weeks right here on CR and at UVN!